[Puppet Users] puppet-foreman

> Hi,
> I created a centOS6 EC2 instance last night and ran the foreman puppet
> module but it came back with a few years. Was hoping somebody could help me
> understand these errors.
> [root@ip-10-170-77-129 config]# echo include foreman | puppet --modulepath
> /root/puppet-foreman/
> err:
> /Stage[main]/Foreman::Config::Enc/File[/var/lib/puppet/yaml/foreman]/ensure:
> change from absent to directory failed: Cannot create
> /var/lib/puppet/yaml/foreman; parent directory /var/lib/puppet/yaml does not
> exist
> [root@ip-10-170-77-129 config]# mkdir /var/lib/puppet/
> clientbucket/ client_data/ client_yaml/ facts/ lib/ ssl/
> state/
> Should the foreman puppet module be altered to say client_yaml instead of
> yaml? Was the foreman module was created with an older puppet version in
> mind?
> Or is this because I didn't start my puppetmaster before using the foreman
> module.

Yeah, I was a bit too lazy to write down a fact for that, if you dont
have a master, you probably want to tweak the parameters not to
install the enc script.


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