Puppet6 vs Puppet7 question as relates to Katello 4.3 vs Katello 4.4

I am currently running Katello 4.3 (Foreman 3.1). Things are fine, but at SOME point in time I will want to push ahead to the current release (Katello 4.4, Foreman 3.2).

In the INSTALL guide, for Katello 4.4 the instructions include this:

# dnf localinstall https://yum.puppet.com/puppet7-release-el-8.noarch.rpm

But in the similar install guide for Katello 4.3… it has you installing the puppet6 release:

# dnf localinstall https://yum.puppet.com/puppet6-release-el-8.noarch.rpm

So my quesiton is, when UPGRADING from Katello 4.3 to 4.4, should the puppet release be changed? The UPGRADE guide does not mention this, and I am curious. Perhaps it’s a non-issue but I am just wondering.

Thank you!

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Hi @caseybea,

From this documentation commit, it looks like Puppet 6 is still fine to stick with, but you can upgrade to Puppet 7 if you choose.

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Related question then: with my Foreman 3.1 setup, I should upgrade to puppet 7?

(Or do I hold off and wait until I am actually upgrading to foreman 3.2?)

Just making sure before I break something :slight_smile:

I would wait until you’re fully on Foreman 3.2 to upgrade to Puppet 7. Since we don’t suggest it for 3.1 there may be some incompatibilities.

Hello, could you explain what incompatibilities there might be?

Foreman 3.0 added support for Puppet 7 (and there were some patches needed), we were just late with updating the documentation’s recommended version.

I would not expect any problems in the upgrade and it should be a drop in replacement from Foreman’s point of view. Your individual modules may need changes but from my experience there are basically none that I’m aware of.

It is recommended to rerun the installer after upgrading to Puppet 7.

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