Puppet6 vs Puppet7 question as relates to Katello 4.3 vs Katello 4.4

I am currently running Katello 4.3 (Foreman 3.1). Things are fine, but at SOME point in time I will want to push ahead to the current release (Katello 4.4, Foreman 3.2).

In the INSTALL guide, for Katello 4.4 the instructions include this:

# dnf localinstall https://yum.puppet.com/puppet7-release-el-8.noarch.rpm

But in the similar install guide for Katello 4.3… it has you installing the puppet6 release:

# dnf localinstall https://yum.puppet.com/puppet6-release-el-8.noarch.rpm

So my quesiton is, when UPGRADING from Katello 4.3 to 4.4, should the puppet release be changed? The UPGRADE guide does not mention this, and I am curious. Perhaps it’s a non-issue but I am just wondering.

Thank you!

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Hi @caseybea,

From this documentation commit, it looks like Puppet 6 is still fine to stick with, but you can upgrade to Puppet 7 if you choose.

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Related question then: with my Foreman 3.1 setup, I should upgrade to puppet 7?

(Or do I hold off and wait until I am actually upgrading to foreman 3.2?)

Just making sure before I break something :slight_smile:

I would wait until you’re fully on Foreman 3.2 to upgrade to Puppet 7. Since we don’t suggest it for 3.1 there may be some incompatibilities.