Question about assiging a partition-table to a new host

Hi, I would like to assign a custom partition-table (that I created) to a new host.
However, when I create a new host, it only allows to me select the “Kickstart default” entry.
Installation would happen from a smart-proxy.

What am I missing?

In the host-group that this host is going to belong to, I also cannot select any other partition table than Kickstart default.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
3.2.1 / Katello 4.4.1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS Stream 8
Other relevant data:

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First, make sure the customer PT is in the right OS family (Red Hat). Then go the Operating System you want to use this with and assign it in the Partition Table tab. Then when you create a new host (or host group) with this particular OS, you can select the custom PT.


Ah, there it is!

Because I install from the media on smart-proxy, I haven’t dealt much with operating-systems or install-media.

Thanks, Marek!