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New user here may not be an issue but trying to update one of the puppet class parameters for a hostgroup, noticied that it may be using a combination of the hiera yaml file and the ENC(im guessing?) because some of the parameters for a class is showing up on the hiera yaml file and some of them only show up when clicking the yaml button on the foreman ui for that host. So my question is, can I update the parameter on the enc for that host group? is there a way to consolidate those configs on the hiera yaml file on the master server?
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I will let others who are more familiar with the enc and heira reply to the question, but just wanted to bring your attention to the fact that 1.13 is a very old version of foreman (4 years old!) and is no longer supported. I would highly recommend planning your upgrade to a supported version, at the time of writing the latest version is 2.1.

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Foreman does nothing with Hiera. The YAML button only shows the ENC that’s provided.

It sounds like the parameter is not marked as overridden. By default Foreman imports classes and their parameters, but then you need to go to the module and then parameter to mark it as overridable. Then you can go to the hostgroup, ensure the class is assigned to the hostgroup and override the parameter.