Question: What does Katello do with old versions of packages?

Hi. I am wondering how katello handles older versions from repos. Every time I sync a repo and create a new version content view I always see the package number increase but I’m wondering if katello is holding on to the old versions I synced in the past or do these old version get removed? How do Katello know which count of versions to retain in the synced repo?

By default it will keep older versions, but you can change a setting on product level to keep it in sync with upstream also on removal. But you should use this setting with care if you want to have older versions of content views to go back to.

I’m not sure if I use the content view as intended but I delete all but the current and previous content view. Once I am happy I migrate all the environments to the latest version I delete the previous version too. Is it a problem how I do this?

No, this is perfectly fine, if you do not want to go back. I have several customers which keep some versions for longer and then it could be a problem if older packages are removed upstream and because of this also removed in Katello. But I think the package are stored now as long as they are in a Content view version so keeping them infinitely would keep the packages, too.

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Thanks @Dirk It makes sense how I tried to think about it. I just wanted to make sure as I don’t want to waste storage on old packages.