Rails 5.0 compatibility help wanted

I've been working a little on making Foreman compatible with Rails 5.0,
starting with running the test suite, but I could do with some help as
there are a lot of tasks. (I am not in any way proposing migrating
Foreman to use Rails 5.0 now.)

Some fixes are written and can be tidied for PRs to develop, others
still need work, and some need work in dependencies of Foreman.

https://trello.com/b/hZVVli8F/foreman-rails-5-fixes tracks each task, as
this is still in a state of development. Tasks are separated into
required or optional (i.e. failures vs new 5.0 deprecations) and those
that can be fixed in develop or only on Rails 5.0.

The "rails5" branch on my GitHub fork at domcleal/foreman is updated
frequently with a commit per item. About 20 unit tests currently fail,
unknown functional or integration test status.

If anybody would like to help, please let me know - I'd suggest picking
and self-assigning required items from the board, fixing them on both
rails5 and develop, then opening tickets and PRs to Foreman's develop.

ยทยทยท -- Dominic Cleal dominic@cleal.org