Realm and Domain foreman-proxy per Location

It seems impossible to use two different foreman-proxy in different locations (as example) using the same Domain or Realm.
As it seems the realm/domain object in Foreman is the same as the realm/domain itself making it impossible to modify it.

As example, in an environment with two locations (A and B) sharing the same Realm and Domain (FreeIPA), i have setup a foreman-proxy in location A using FreeIPA servers in location A and a foreman-proxy in location B using FreeIPA servers in location B.
It is impossible to create a foreman-proxy per location for those objects.

If i take as example a Subnet object, i can create a Subnet named “Subnet_A” for location A and “Subnet_B” for location B and then use it accrdingly.

Also as a small suggestion, considering the Subnet example below, it will be nice if the Subnet “KEY” will be the Subnet network and not the Subnet name, because then you could create two identical Subnet names in two different Location and it can make automation much more easy.

Am i missing something or it’s a bug?

Editing: the only way i can think of a workaround is to use a GSLB that will route requests accordingly to the correct foreman-proxy, but that’s a nasty workaround :wink: