Reboot checkbox

Hi I am unable to see reboot checkbox option when I click build button while provisioning the host. Please let me know how do I get it.I am talking on the highlighted yellow portion in the pic where we see reboot usually.




As far as I know, the reboot is only available if you have some form of power management on that system. E.g. a Virtual Machine, a machine with IPMI, a machine for which you configured a power management interface over SSH…

If it’s a VM, you’ll actually need to have the hyper-visor registered as a Compute Resource.

Does the above-mentioned “restrictions” apply to you? If so, please share your used hardware/hyper-visor and what you have tried so far.

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Hi Arend,

I m using a machine with ipmi. The reboot option was visible earlier but unfortunately since when i clicked build default pxe, the reboot option in build is not visible.


BMC status has nothing to do with default PXE templates. Something is broken, investigate. Foreman calls BMC Smart Proxy to query host status via IPMI everytime this page is rendered - check that in logs. Enable proxy debug logging to see more info. Could be credentials, anything.