Recap from the infrastructure deep dive this morning

Thanks everyone who came to the deep dive about the project infrastructure on Google+ this morning.

Here are some action items from what we spoke about:

  • Create a puppetmaster deploy target for Capistrano and trigger deployment via Jenkins
  • Fix up monitoring systems (munin, Nagios)
    • Simple checks like getting a 200 from (ci|deb|yum) and
  • Configure backups
    • Will run on storage provided by Red Hat IT.
    • Systems to back up:
  • Consider replacing RBot with Hubot
  • Moving off -> server2
    • Make sure passenger is up and running on
    • Debian build slave manifest
    • Repo manifest for web node
      -Jenkins cleanup
    • Manage plugins via Puppet
    • Figure out a secure way to store credentials in Foreman itself for creating build slaves

Thanks to Greg for taking great notes during the meeting that helped form the outline above.

Some of these items are very quick and others will require significant planning and analysis, but expect them to start taking place as soon as tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions.