Recurring Logics : strange behavior

I’ve setup some jobs using recurrings logics. When I create a snapshot of my environment and restore this one 2 or 3 day later all the missed jobs since the snapshot time defined by the recurring logics will be queued and run.
Is this a standard behavior?

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this is an interesting situation. My take on this is: You take a snapshot at time T, then a recurring job runs at T+1 and T+2. You then revert the snapshot to the state in T, but part of this state is the system clock. So the machine thinks it is still in T and trigges a repetition at T+1. During that time the clock gets synchronized over the network and further repetitions should get triggered properly. If this is the case I’m afraid we can’t do much about it. We can’t really do any reliable time-based operations if the clock is wrong.

When you say “all the missed jobs” do you mean “several reptitions of a single job” or “a single repetition of multiple unrealted jobs”?

it will run T+1, T+2, T+3 etc… until it reaches current time. I do have ntpdate service running at boot time which will set the correct time at boot, but for some reason it starts all passed job until current time.

When I’ve wrote about the “missed jobs” a ways meaning the scheduled job from time T to current time. I do have a job which runs every 30min and in that case if the snapshot is 3 days old it will start 144 time the scheduled job.

Ah yes, I think I know why this might be happening. Could you please file an issue over at to the foreman-tasks component?

Done: Bug #25539: Recurring Logics : strange behavior - foreman-tasks - Foreman

Thanks a lot