Redmine is now on version 3.4.6

It’s done! :tada:

There was a minor issue with the GitHub OAuth logins, but that appears to be resolved now. As always, let me know if you see any further issues. I will wait until next week before looking at the new plugins we want, to allow a chance to spot issues.


It looks like some people are seeing broken UI issues when returning to Redmine - apparently clearing cookies is helping for some, for others it’s a force-reload of the page (Ctrl-Shift-R in Firefox, I think). Looks like some state is stored client-side that is invalid for the new version of Redmine…

I was like: Greg is still working on the UI changes, I will just wait :slight_smile:

Thanks. I quickly went through new features in 3.x but did not find anything that really shines. Any good features I missed?

This was mostly about getting away from an unsupported release with known security issues. I believe the mobile UI is much better now though … :smiley:

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