Redmine issues created for all Rubocop rules


I just created issues in Redmine for all of the failing Rubocop cops from
the todo file (issues number 19763-19913). I created a small script [1]
that takes a list of cops generated from the rubocup_todo.yml [2] and
creates an issue for each one. (I could probably make the script do the
whole thing straight from the todo file but I was too lazy)

These should be fixed in one of two ways:

  1. By correcting all the offenses for the cop and removing it from the todo
  2. By deciding we don't want to enforce this cop and moving it to

This will also allow us to easily fix one cop at a time instead of hitting
a situation we had before of someone attempting to fix several at once and
getting blocked by disagreements on one of them.


​[1] ​
​[2] # cat .rubocop_todo.yml |grep "/"|grep -v "#"|sed -e "s/://"

··· -- Have a nice day, Tomer Brisker Red Hat Engineering