Redmine user cleanup

There has been a large number of fake users created on our redmine instance.
As a first step, 4,548 users who have never logged in to redmine and had no actions (i.e. comment, vote, issue reported, code change etc.) recorded in redmine have been moved to the Locked state. Let me know if for some reason your user has been erroneously locked. In the future we may also clean up the locked accounts.
Additionally, 15,386 users who registered before May 1st but never confirmed their email address or made any actions on redmine were also deleted. If you tried to create an account earlier and still haven’t confirmed your mail, you will need to recreate it.

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is there any plan to upgrade our redmine instance ? I might be wrong but I’m not sure if its up2date ?

I believe it is on the @infra team’s roadmap to update it to the latest version, but I’m not sure about the timelines.