Regenerating puppet master certificate -Error: Report processor failed: Connection refused - connect

Hi ,

We are getting error while regenerating puppet master certificate on master
server it's throwing connection refused error .

[root@finnairportal puppet-enterprise-3.0.1-el-5-i386]# service pe-httpd
Stopping pe-httpd: [ OK ]

[root@finnairportal puppet-enterprise-3.0.1-el-5-i386]# puppet master
–no-daemonize --verbose
Info: Creating a new SSL key for
Info: Creating a new SSL certificate request for
Info: Certificate Request fingerprint (SHA256):
Notice: has a waiting certificate request
Notice: Signed certificate request for
Notice: Removing file Puppet::SSL::CertificateRequest at
Notice: Removing file Puppet::SSL::CertificateRequest at
Notice: You have 1 active and no inactive nodes.
Notice: You are currently licensed for 10 active nodes.
Notice: This Puppet Enterprise distribution is licensed to:
Notice: N/A

You are using a complimentary ten node license provided free by Puppet Labs.
Notice: Your complimentary license does not include Support & Maintenance.
If you
Notice: would like to obtain official Support & Maintenance, please contact
Notice: for pricing, and to find out about volume discounts.
Notice: Starting Puppet master version 3.2.4 (Puppet Enterprise 3.0.1)

Info: access[^/catalog/([^/]+)$]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[^/catalog/([^/]+)$]: adding authentication yes
Info: access[^/catalog/([^/]+)$]: allowing $1 access
Info: access[^/node/([^/]+)$]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[^/node/([^/]+)$]: adding authentication yes
Info: access[^/node/([^/]+)$]: allowing $1 access
Info: access[/certificate_revocation_list/ca]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[/certificate_revocation_list/ca]: adding authentication yes
Info: access[/certificate_revocation_list/ca]: allowing * access
Info: access[^/report/([^/]+)$]: allowing 'method' save
Info: access[^/report/([^/]+)$]: adding authentication yes
Info: access[^/report/([^/]+)$]: allowing $1 access
Info: access[/file]: adding authentication yes
Info: access[/file]: allowing * access
Info: access[/certificate/ca]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[/certificate/ca]: adding authentication any
Info: access[/certificate/ca]: allowing * access
Info: access[/certificate/]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[/certificate/]: adding authentication any
Info: access[/certificate/]: allowing * access
Info: access[/certificate_request]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[/certificate_request]: allowing 'method' save
Info: access[/certificate_request]: adding authentication any
Info: access[/certificate_request]: allowing * access
Info: access[/certificate_status]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[/certificate_status]: allowing 'method' search
Info: access[/certificate_status]: allowing 'method' save
Info: access[/certificate_status]: allowing 'method' destroy
Info: access[/certificate_status]: adding authentication yes
Info: access[/certificate_status]: allowing pe-internal-dashboard access
Info: access[/facts]: allowing 'method' find
Info: access[/facts]: allowing 'method' search
Info: access[/facts]: adding authentication any
Info: access[/facts]: allowing pe-internal-dashboard access
Info: access[/]: adding authentication any
Info: Inserting default '/status' (auth true) ACL
Error: Failed to find via exec: Execution of
'/etc/puppetlabs/puppet-dashboard/external_node' returned 7:
Error: Failed to submit 'replace facts' command for to PuppetDB at SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0
state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed:
[certificate revoked for /]
Error: Report processor failed: Connection refused - connect(2)
Error: Report processor failed: Failed to submit 'store report' command for to PuppetDB at SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0
state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed:
[certificate revoked for /]