Register client linux machines in Foreman 3.1 server with katello

We are moving all our client machines from foreman version 1.2 to Foreman v3.1.

Could you please let us know if we have any documents to move clients to new foreman v3.1

Problem: Re-register client linux machine of old foreman v1.20 to new version of foreman v3.1

Expected outcome: Re-register client linux machine to new version of foreman v3.1 successful.

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.1

Basically you need to clean up the old registration data by

subscription-manager unregister
subscription-manager clean

then follow this article:

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@lfu , old linux client are managed cia katello but now we want to add those client in new foreman by detaching it from old foreman.
I dont see subscription-manager on client machines

Hey @dushyantk.sun - are clients managed by Foreman or unmanaged?

Clients are managed in foreman v1.2 currently. We wanted to take out from old foreman to re-register in newly configured foreman 3.1