Release meeting 2019-11-04


  • 1.24 rc1 was found to be broken while building and aborted
  • 1.24 rc2 - tarballs built, waiting for @Zhunting to package
    • updates to manual - @upadhyeammit will update apidocs and installer options
  • plugins packaging for 1.24 compatibility - several open prs, would be good to get them in so we can test them with RC2.
  • 1.23.1 and 1.22.2 - will tag today, start releases later this week. @upadhyeammit will update release notes.


  • 3.12.2 - 2 issues under review, aiming for release later this week
  • 3.14.0-RC1 - waiting for packaging by @evgeni and needs docs branching