Release meeting notes 2019-03-04


  • one issue identified with 1.21.0 - puppet git repo option is broken
  • waiting for feedback on 1.20.2 and 1.21.0 to see when next releases are needed


  • Still blocked on subscription detail page, @Walden continuing to investigate. giving it a couple more days, otherwise implement workaround to point to legacy subscription detail page for the upcoming releases and continue investigating in nightlies.

Going over 1.22 planned features:

  • graphql - still more work, but gradually getting merged. low risk since no user-facing changes yet.
  • dropping puppet 3 in proxy - not critical, depending on capacity.
  • dropping puppet 4 in installer - looking positive for 1.22.
  • puppet 6 support - mostly ready, needs a bit more work in kafo.
  • replacing passenger with puma - problematic with vhost, still needs packaging work and installer changes to configure correctly, can slip to next release if not ready in time.
  • compute resources - multiple devs working on it, foreman docker is blocking the work but looks positive for 1.22.
  • webpack assets build process - still at risk for 1.22. new approach proposed by @sharvit to improve the process, including breaking up webpack code into several node modules. Going to try implementing first step of the change in the next few days and make decision on how to move forward.
  • proxy capabilities - proxy side merged, foreman side in review, looking positive for 1.22.
  • types for global parameters - already merged.
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