Release meeting notes 2020-01-22

Agenda for today’s meeting (please send me a message if you want to join):

Status of 2.0 items:


  • 1.24.2


  • upgrade all plugins to use foreman-js 4 - continue trying to fix rex build. any ideas welcome.
  • unstable nightlies in foreman and katello recently - katello nightly rebuild in progress. seeing issues in development with reducer registry - @sharvit will try similar approach to what we did for component registry.
  • Changing Foreman to use PostgreSQL 10 12 from SCL - waiting for review
  • Changing default Dynflow implementation to sidekiq+redis based -needs packaging of new foreman_maintain release, should be done once all pipelines are green, but needs verifying that it actually works.
  • Pulp 3 support for File and Docker content in Katello - needs installer migration to turn on, being worked on.
  • move db:seed to app initialization - bail out before seeding if migrations pending. opened Bug #28838: don't seed on startup if migrations are pending - Foreman to fix that

Foreman 1.24.2 - build in progress

Katello - currently no known issues or patch releases planned.