Release meeting notes 2020-05-04

2.1 status:

  • Rails 6 upgrade - done, some plugins may still need updates.
    • scc manager - new release build blocked by apipie cache generation failing, needs debugging to unblock katello builds as well.
  • Incorporate apipie-dsl to document template macros. -done
  • EL8 installation support - targeting beta level support - dhcp isn’t working properly, still needs more work.
  • Drop Rackspace compute resource - core merged, packaging pending.
  • Installer module releases - needs to make sure postgres is upgraded and everything is working with rails 6. Still need more work to get ready.
  • Translations - open pr with updated strings, still needs extraction of new strings. Will announce status soon.

Foreman 1.24.3 - aiming for release right after 2.1 RC1, so in about 2 weeks.