Release meeting notes 2020-05-06

2.1 status:

  • Rails 6 upgrade: done.
    • scc-manager - new release packaged.
    • katello nightly released.
  • EL8 installer support - still in progress, will likely be done this week.
  • Drop Rackspace compute resource - done
  • installer modules - at risk for being ready in time for branching. @ekohl @ehelms and @wbclark will discuss how to handle.
  • translations - announcements posted, strings extracted. @upadhyeammit will follow up with plugin maintainers as well.
  • manual prep - in progress. will continue updating during rc stage.
  • hammer - @shiramax will be branching and releasing in coordination with foreman core.
  • Need to update the branching procedure with who does what and add hammer to the list of what gets branched. @tbrisker will try to get it updated before branching starts.
  • Katello 3.16 - might be delayed a few weeks after Foreman 2.1 GA to support Pulp 3. Will need to message clearly about the delay to users when GA is announced. We might need another Foreman release to support it if e.g. installer changes are required.
  • To make sure users don’t upgrade Katello without Foreman, @Zhunting will update katello packaging to limit the dependency to a specific Foreman version.
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