Release meeting notes 2020-06-08

Foreman 1.24.3

Foreman 2.0.1 (open issues)

Foreman 2.1.0 (open issues)

Katello 3.15

  • 3.15.2 has 3 issues planned so far, still wip on 2 of them. Will track and see when to release.

Katello 3.16

  • working on cherry-picks for rc3, so far only 3 changes, will either push this week or next week according to size of changes.


  • foreman nightly rpm is failing consistently for 4 days now - foreman-nightly-rpm-pipeline 601 failed - means we’re also not getting katello nighlies built. needs more investigation, no obvious changes that could lead to this issue.


  • working on upstream upgrade scenarios.
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Specifically the Foreman Maintain upstream upgrades shall be available for CentOS/RHEL in near term, and in later stage we will have support for Debian/Ubuntu.

Released –

I double checked, I can set up a release for a 15.0 stable branch, @ekohl has to do the release to the forge if we need this fix

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Just to ensure Bug #29709: Only one interface can be marked as Managed - Foreman is included in 2.0.1? This heavily affects some of my customers and I guess others too.

I see the cherry-pick so I would say it is in, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

Thanks in advance for clarification.

It is - you can tell by the “fixed in” field on redmine.