Release meeting notes 2020-06-22

Foreman 2.1.0 (open issues)

  • Bug #29660: file and docker do not support https with pulpcore - Installer - Foreman - needs a release of puppet-foreman_proxy_content 11.0.1, will wait for pulling in rpm pulp3 changes as well - can be done for ga as well.
  • Bug #29445: STI deletion needs to be allowed to admins only - Foreman - in progress, might still be possible to get into GA.
  • puma selinux issue resolved, nightlies are working again and rc3 was built and released.
  • since rc3 was only released Thursday, we’ll make the final decision on GA on Wednesday. If no further issues are found, we’ll start the release train on Wednesday.
  • @upadhyeammit will upload updated translations by RH translators to transifex and pull into the stable branch.
  • Some EL8 issues won’t be solved in time for GA (such as EPEL compatibility), we’ll look into doing a 2.1.1 release once they are resolved to improve EL8 compatibility.

Katello 3.15

  • 3.15.2 released

Katello 3.16

  • rc3 released, waiting for more issues before next rc.
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Sorry about that one, lesson learned: Please give me a heads up when doing big infrastructure changes so I can prepare SELinux changes earlier. Ideally, plan these changes rather earlier in the sprint.