Release meeting notes 2020-06-24

Foreman 2.1.0 (open issues)

Katello 3.15

  • looking into 3.15.3, currently 2 issues fixed and one in progress.

Katello 3.16

  • did a rc 3.1 gem release, packaging in progress
  • pulp3.4 back-port cherry-picks open in packaging

I’ve created the following PRs to do releases:

Since they’re minor versions, they need to be reflected in As always, also needs to be updated to pull these in.

I was also pointed at a problem and I think I’ve captured it in Bug #30240: Installer no longer sets up DNS zone update auth - Installer - Foreman - didn’t verify it myself yet, but opened That may be an annoying regression for anyone using the ISC Bind DNS server since it breaks zone updates.