Release meeting notes 2020-07-15

Foreman 2.0 :
The Foreman 2.0.1-2 release will be for one fix Centos Foreman 2.0 new install can’t download xmlrpc’ have merged ?. All the PRs of this issue have been merged and we are waiting on packaging team feedback to have it released.

Foreman 2.1 :
One small bug reported and its in new state,
Sorting of columns fails for nil values

Foreman 2.2 :
There are total 3 issues in new state,

Katello :

This is incorrect. Katello’s --upgrade was deprecated in 2.1 and actually does nothing else than tell the user it’s deprecated. Foreman 2.2 will align with Katello 4.0 and is a good moment to drop it.

Thanks for correction !