Release meeting notes 2021-03-01

Foreman & Katello release timeliness adherence:

  • Since couple of releases we can observe that Foreman releases are finding it difficult to keep up with release schedule as we need to wait on Katello. Need to brainstorm on how we can effectively solve this situation. @james @Justin_Sherrill @cintrix84 any thoughts on this are welcome!

2.4 RC2:

  • Can see plugins test and client pipelines failed. Need to check with @evgeni and @Zhunting to sort out the failures.


  • @zhunting has started release pipelines again which were failed initially. Expecting to complete this today and make 2.2.3 available.

I think you meant @jjeffers instead of james.

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@upadhyeammit agreed. due to a planning conflict, I couldn’t attend this morning.