Release meeting notes 2021-05-26

Foreman 2.5:

The RC3 is available for testing. Thanks a lot for contributions!

Foreman 2.3.4

The 2.3.4 pipelines finished recently and the release is available. Two issues to be aware of,

  • The plugins deb test pipeline failed because upgrades are tested from Y-2(2.1) and that broke the ansible plugin. The fresh installs worked without any issue.

  • The plugins rpm test pipeline failed because of not having
    smart_proxy_dynflow_core is not restarted after re-configuration
    in 2.3. The workaround for this is to restart the smart_proxy_dynflow_core service manually.


  • Submitted new RC2.1 gem couple of days ago, waiting for feedback on same.
  • How to decide if Katello needs another RC?
    • Depends on number of changes done after prior RC. If there are major changes then its recommended to have another RC and get feedback on same from users.
    • The major changes should be pulled in before stabilization week, uncompleted major changes should be moved to next release before stabilization only. This ensures there aren鈥檛 bigger changes in later stage of release.


  • Nine issues are open for the release. The 4.0.2 release timeline will be decided as per the progress on these issues.

Any news on Katello 3.18.3?

@Jonathon_Turel any plans for 3.18.3?

The rubygem is built and just waiting for a run of the pipeline. I鈥檇 say a release last next week would be the worst-case scenario :slight_smile:


Latest version in the repositories is still 3.18.2, but I see it was build on koji (and another and redmine has already a 3.18.4. Do we have/had any problem with the pipeline or is there another reason why 3.18.3 is not generally available?

I am asking because I have an environment where I hit some of the bugs and I am not sure if it is an option to take the newer packages from koji.

No need to take packages from Koji (that is never recommended) since 3.18.3 is now available!

cc @quba42 I think you鈥檝e been waiting for this :slight_smile:


@Jonathon_Turel @Justin_Sherrill
Is there anything I still need to do with my three PRs to upgrade pulp_deb for Katello 3.18 and proceed with a deb focused 3.18.4 mini release?

Also, I can鈥檛 reply to the release announcement for 3.18.3 (presumably permissions). I would appreciate if someone could add a short notice that 3.18.4 is planned for soon after 3.18.3 with a newer Pulp 3 Debian plugin version, and that it is recommended to wait with deb content migrations until then.


Updated the release announcement with a note. I鈥檒l defer to Justin on the pulp specific parts of 3.18.4, but I did notice there is a failure in Jenkins for your Katello PR. I鈥檒l take a look at that for you

Thanks for the notice.
Perhaps it is failing because the packaging PRs are not yet merged?

Looks like a broken foreman-tasks dependency. Unrelated to your changes