Release Review Meeting Notes 10/24



  • Foreman
    • 1.18.3
    • 1.19.1
      • Push to week of 10/29
    • 1.20
      • Debian is pushing, bionic was not copied as they were missing in instructions
      • target RC1 tomorrow after Debian is done building
      • quick RC2 turn around sometime next week
  • Katello
    • Patch needed in puppet-foreman_proxy_content
    • installer RC 1.1 built into Koji
    • starting re-run of the 3.9 pipeline


  • Steps were missing for how to handle the new Rails 5.2 repository
  • Steps were missing for how to handle Foreman client repositories
  • Aim to release puppet modules ~1 week before branching


Thanks for sharing and thanks for all work this team is doing! Keep up great work, looking forward for first RC.