Release team meeting 2023-02-15

Present: @ekohl (chair, notes), @Chris_Roberts, @lfu, @Odilhao

Foreman 3.6

  • Branching in progress: Foreman 3.6 branching process
  • A bit delayed due to time needed to catch up after conferences
  • Transifex has changed their API and the client in Fedora is now broken, so no translations for RC1
  • Due to this, and that Katello could also use the time to wrap up Pulp 3.22 we’ve decided to postpone Foreman branching by one week, meaning we’re aiming at Tuesday February 21st

Foreman 3.5

  • Cherry picks in progress for 3.5.2, release process starts soon

Foreman 3.4

  • No updates

Katello 4.8

Katello 4.7

Katello 4.6

  • No updates