Release Team Meeting 2023-11-27

Monday edition: focusing on .y RCs, others if time permits

Foreman 3.9

Schedule | 3.9.0 TODO | CI overview

Katello 4.11

Foreman 3.9

Currently working on translation updates: i18n - extracting new, pulling from tx by Griffin-Sullivan · Pull Request #9912 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub
Need to do a new installer release of puppet-pulpcore (to reflect Pulp 3.39 changes) and of puppet-foreman_proxy_content to allow the new major version.

Katello 4.11

After the Pulp 3.39 changes were merged in a failure showed up:

It’s unclear why this now showed up now. @iballou is investigating. The aim is to get it resolved today and branch tomorrow.

Foreman 3.7.1

The release note PRs need to be reviewed:

Then the release can proceed

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This is the pulpcore issue for the divide by zero error. It is an upstream pulp problem, the question is now do we block RC1 on it.

It appears this can’t be fixed today, so to avoid delaying any further we’ll skip import/export checks for now and mark them as known to be broken in RC1: Skip import/export tests if pulpcore 3.39 by pcreech · Pull Request #1735 · theforeman/forklift · GitHub