Release Team Meeting 2024-06-05

Foreman 3.12


Foreman 3.11

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Foreman 3.10

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Foreman 3.9

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Katello 4.13

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Katello 4.12

Katello 4.11


Present: @pcreech (chair), @ekohl (notes), @cintrix84, @Griffin-Sullivan, @iballou, @Partha_Aji

Monday meeting summary

On Monday there was a brief meeting, but there weren’t notes so it was briefly summarized at the start of the meeting.

As a follow up on the last meeting, there was further discussion on Pulp stopping publishing client bindings. Since last time there was a significant response on dropping it, so the plan might change. @pcreech working on a proposal. For further details, see tee We will stop publishing bindings soon - Announcements - Pulp Community.

We also touched on the CentOS EOL issues. This is tracked in CentOS 8 EOL · GitHub.

Foreman 3.11

RC2 procedure live: Foreman 3.11.0-rc2 release process
@Griffin-Sullivan is stuck on locale update. After the meeting @ekohl will help debug the issues.

Katello nightly

Still stuck because of Katello 4.13 issues. See katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline #2022 [Jenkins]

Note: since the meeting it has passed.

Katello 4.13

There were Candlepin GPG issues, but the pipeline just ran and completed successfully: katello-4.13-rpm-pipeline #8 [Jenkins]

The RC2 process will be posted.

There was a discussion about manual testing. @iballou mentions he always only tests it manually to review the docs with the most minimal steps and doesn’t create any content because our pipelines already cover this.

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