Release team meeting agenda 2021-11-03

Foreman 3.1 (TODO)

  • Status of pending issues targeted for 3.1.0
  • Status of nightly builds

Katello 4.3.0

Katello 4.2.1

Other business




  • debian nightlies ran into several issues, working on resolving them. Currently failing on issue with dynflow
  • debian nightly packaging also running into issues, hopefully resolved by now.
  • katello nightlies also had a failure, looks like a race-condition that occurs sometimes in pulp (Issue #8750: Deadlock on rpm repository pulp2pulp sync - Pulp), will likely be green on rerun.
  • puppet module releases - 4 left to go, close to merging all.
  • remaining issues targeted for 3.1 likely won’t block branching, looking positive for branching next week.



  • pulp 3.16 packaging still WIP, looks like no major changes required on our side to update to it once packages are ready.
  • @cintrix84 preparing the toolbelt config for the release.


  • cherry-pick PR open, some VCR tests need updating and once they are resolved will be tagged and sent to @packaging later today.