Release team meeting agenda 2022-02-02


  • Nightly builds failure.
  • 3.2(To Do )
    • Status of installer module releases


  • 4.4

Present: @upadhyeammit (chair), @ekohl (notes), @evgeni, @iballou

Previous meeting

Notes from last time were approved.






  • The PR to tool_belt has been submitted, pending review on the packaging team if the tags are correct
  • Triage today. There it will be determined what goes in the release and what’s pushed out to the next.


The question is raised how we align GitHub pull requests to releases.

For plugins there really isn’t any. It’s up to plugin maintainers. Technically we allow major version bumps in stable releases, as long as the plugin maintainers feel comfortable with it (installer compatibility could be an issue to consider). The solution here is to work with maintainers to get them to understand.

Regarding core alignment: today we use Redmine and the versions there. This allows us to follow it and cherry pick where needed. It is interesting to know that recently Pulp switched from Redmine to using only GitHub. It would be worthwhile to find out what their experiences are and what we can learn. There are also hybrids like syncing Redmine versions to GitHub milestones.

In the short term we can start with describing the current situation. Today that knowledge is mostly tribal knowledge but it would be good if it’s written down. @upadhyeammit will work on this.

I’ve started using Github milestones in ForemanPuppet to guide versioning, but it is not as flexible as Redmine. I’d consider it a blocker, but I just might not understand how to use it properly :slight_smile: