Release team meeting agenda 2022-04-04



Deprecating EL7

  • Pipeline config changes
  • Koji changes
  • Documentation changes
  • Clean up if possible

Meeting notes:

Katello Release status:

  • Katello 4.3.1 and are both waiting on a qpid-proton release before moving forward

Deprecating EL7:

  • Pipeline config changes: @evgeni Not difficult, it is just around deleting what’s in our job configurations, this would be for the jenkins-jobs, forklift, and foreman-packaging.

  • For nightly it’s good to remove el7 nightly or users may expect updates may come at some point if it’s still present.

  • We need a path for our users to be able to upgrade from el7 → el8, LEAP currently does seem to be working, but we need to get our patched LEAP into the main repository or we need to fork and make our own LEAP, there is still some planning to be done around this to figure out the path we want to take.

  • koji changes: Update the mash script so it doesn’t mash el7, all changes made to the packaging first - then when we stop mashing and publishing new el7 content we can remove it form and it will error out for users locally which is the desired outcome as it will let them know they need to look to see what’s going on.