Release Teem Meeting 2023-11-22

Pulpcore 3.39

  • Obsoletes building
    • COPR sequential builds slow, job timed out, working on last 40+ packages.

Foreman 3.9

Schedule | 3.9.0 TODO | CI overview

Katello 4.11

Not in agenda but brought up in meeting:

Foreman 3.7.1

  • Waiting on release notes review

Present: @pcreech, @ekohl, @Zhunting, @Griffin-Sullivan, @iballou

A more verbose summary. We mostly discussed the state of Pulp 3.39. The current issue is that the job to release packages times out after 3 hours. It may need to build so many packages and not properly detect that some have already been built. @pcreech and @Odilhao are looking into this.

We then discussed the options:

  1. Start branching, even if we know it’s currently broken
  2. Delay branching
  3. Branch only Foreman, leaving Katello broken
  4. Release without Pulp 3.39

For now we have gone with option 2. We’ll continue to work to make sure we have packages working. @ekohl is not in the US, so will try to take over when during the US holidays.

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