Remote Addresses automatically including Proxies?

In the current documentation it is stated that the remote_addr setting needs to be configured to hold extra addresses from which a call can be made, this can also be observed in the code:

However, would it not help also check against the registered proxies list? Perhaps just the ones that have the template plugin?

Implementation wise it seems easy, but perhaps it’s too easy and this induces a (big) security hole?


  • Configuration of tokenless provisioning is made easier


  • Less control of which proxies to allow
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when it comes to security, it’s not bad to require to be explicit. I think this is the case. However we are open to ideas how to improve the user experience, I understand this can be challenging to figure out why it does not work.

I agree with @UXabre and think we should really refactor this because it’s insecure. Normally you don’t trust these HTTP headers unless the come from a known (configured) reverse proxy. IMHO the proper way is to use ActionDispatch::Remoteip and configuring trusted proxies. Then we rely on the remote ip in every controller.

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Would it make sense to add this as a general setting instead? This way, people can opt to be more explicit by disabling the above-mentioned functionality.

I believe this would at least get us out of situation where a user puts in an “unsafe” regex, like (.*) just so it would work;

with the above-mentioned solution it would at least work out-of-the-box with a safe default; drastically decreasing the need to change the regex to something potentially unsafe.