Remote Admin Release 0.6 Now Available


I am proud to release the next version of Remote Admin version 0.6. Its been a terribly long time since I last updated. However, this release is over 70% brand new code.

I have packed in quite a few UI enhancements with regards to alerts, notices, fonts, colors, icons and there is still more to come in future versions. If your using the iOS and Android versions you will notice the two screens are almost identical with the exception of a few native components.

Note: Remote Admin Version 0.6 only works with the Foreman 1.0 or develop branch.

Whats New:
– Communication Subsystem (native notifications, alerts)
– Support for Ipad 3
– iOS inspired Theme
– Clickable Dashboard Graph and Fact Graph
– Swipe to view legend (FactViewer)
– Now Open source!
– Test Client (if you don't have a foreman host yet)

Whats Fixed:
– Too many to list

Whats Removed:
– Certificates (Will add back in version 0.7)

Future Releases (See for full roadmap:
– Certificates
– Bookmark integration with entire app (Bookmark and group filters)
– Horizontal (large screen) layouts for tablets and Desktop
– IPMI or Mcollective
– More Share Buttons (CSV, Screenshot, …)
– Badge Integration and Notification when app is in background

Please report any complaints, bugs, wishlist

To install click here until I have time to properly add to app and market stores.

iOS – IOS users sign up here for app distribution
Android - (click on android link)

Corey Osman
678-348-0582 (Pacific Time)

Green IT and Datacenter Automation Specialist