Remote execution command field font

The command textfield for the remote execution does not use a fixed width font. I think a fixed width font would be better there, e.g. if I put in a small shell script and use indentation…

Anyone else feels the same?

Agree, would be nice with “fixed width font” here.

Only for that particular input or would it be ok if we did it for all textarea inputs in the job wizard?

Which ones are there exactly? Most of the fields I can see are inputs, not textareas…

I meant selected job template related inputs, not those which are there no matter what you select. Job templates can have arbitrary number of inputs, command in Run Command - Script Default
is an input of type=Plain (in foreman speak) without pre-cofnigured options and gets rendered in the form as a textarea, or at least on my box it seems to. Quite a lot of templates’ inputs are like this. Now the question is if it would be ok if all of them (like package in Package Action and so on) used monospaced fonts or if we need to distinguish between those which should use monospaced fonts and those which should not.

O.K. Sorry. I didn’t really look at the other categories.

I must admit, I don’t fully understand the concept behind when it’s using an input field and when a textarea. For instance, the package action update “package” field is a text area although the contents is basically fed into arguments of “dnf update”. Thus, I do wonder about the semantics of a new line in that input. But I guess here it would be just that someone passes a list of packages, one per line, and it’ll feed as arguments anyway.

Then again, having no idea what “Maintenance Operations” - “Smart Proxy Upgrade Playbook” does, I do wonder why the “target_version” field is a text area as it sounds like a simple version string…

Either way, I think from design and semantics, I would do everything, which passes more or less directly into command input in some form or another with fixed width font, i.e. if you did it manually in a terminal you would type it (which would include inputs like “SSH user”, but that’s maybe just my preference).

Of course, the most relevant part why I started this topic, is the formatting and indentation of scripts or similar which you copy into a textarea field. So, yes, I suppose you could change all textareas to a fixed width font. I guess it would cover the important bits and it should not hurt too much, where it might not really apply.