Remote execution login failures

I know that I have been open several support topics lately, but I seem to be having some gremlins in my Katello environment recently.

It running remote execution jobs with multiple systems I have been receiving a lot of failure due to login issues. All systems have the Foreman ssh keys configured and has work great for a long time. Just this week I have seen a lot of errors like below. I can run the same job on one failed system and it is successful.

Error initializing command: Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed - Authentication failed for user root@hostname

I have already cleared all the know_hosts entries in the Foreman-proxy ssh file to recreate all entries.

Thanks for any advice.

Please disregard.

I had did not have the locations for my smart-proxies assigned properly so the remote execution was coming from servers that didn’t have access to SSH into the remote systems.