Remote Execution over WAN


Is possible run Remote Execution over WAN connection to Foreman?
I have Foreman on public IP and need Remote Excution on hosts that are on other sites.
It mean that no direct connection between Foreman server and hosts.
The sites are behind NAT.

Thanks for reply

You can deploy a Foreman Proxy behind the NAT. As long as Foreman can reach that and the Foreman Proxy can reach the nodes, it should work. Foreman itself doesn’t run the tasks but always uses a proxy to execute the tasks.

I have central server with proxy on public IP so agent can run over this PROXY.
It mean: public PROXY <- SITE1 agent behind NAT
<- SITE2 agent behind NAT
<- SITEn agent behind NAT.
Or I need model:
Foreman on public IP <- SITE1 PROXY -< agent in LAN1
<- SITEn proxy <- agent in LANn