Remote execution - User Customizable quick links

I’ve been working on feature “User Customizable quick links” [0] for Remote Execution plugin,
and I’d like to share it with community and hear the opinions about it.


  • User wants to create custom quick links for Jobs they run often.
  • Actions would be listed in Actions dropdown at All Hosts page and at Host detail page.
  • After clicking on the action user is redirected to /job_invocations/new with prefilled parameters

There is already WIP PR [1] with very basic implementation, you can try it on your machine.

Ideas for the final implementation:

  • Actions should be scoped to Location and Organization
  • Private / public actions:
    Non-admin users can manage actions only for them self
    Admins can create public actions for everyone
  • Add support for more custom than just category and provider (Which ones?)
  • Add option for action to choose where it can be listed (All hosts page / Host detail / Both pages)

As I said, right now the PR is in very poor state with basic functionality,
so I’d love to hear the thoughts and ideas from community about this feature.

[0] Feature #27463: User Customizable quick links to specific remote exec jobs - Foreman Remote Execution - Foreman


First of fall, this will be a really nice addition. I looked at the WIP PR and I agree some other additions would be necessary for the final implementation.

The simple first version may be private actions only. Once we add public/global ones (like WIP PR) we need to solve permissions, orgs/locs etc.

Public actions would still be very handy, I as ad admin may want to setup favorite actions for other users of my system. Perhaps that can be added later to keep the initial scope small. If we decide to implement public actions, it should probably follow the same rules we have for bookmarks.

You mean like I could specify more things than just the REX action to trigger? E.g. default values for inputs? I can imagine also run mode may be useful, e.g. “I want to run it right away” or “I want to customize the run first in the job invocation form”. For bulk actions, it may be handy to set the splay time. But these all are just nice to haves. Not something necessary for the first version.

Good idea. I’d display it on both in the initial version, but this could be handy later to avoid cluttered menus.

If you won’t get more opinions here, it may be good to show the WIP on community demo and ask for the feedback there. It may be good to see it live so people can better imagine the functionality. Or you can create a short gif of it and publish it here.