Remove Hosts vs Delete - and edit mac address

Is it possible to remove a host vs delete it?

If not through the gui, but maybe the new api or cli? Or just safe to
clear records out of the DB?

I have hosts that we sometimes provision on a different cluster than their
target cluter (such as before moving it to dmz) and once i run puppet in
their home we often have the old and new hosts there and i don't want to
delete either, but i often can't run a clean puppet run since there is
something complaining about a previous name in use, so i'd just like to
remove the old one - re-run puppet and modify the mac/ip/host if need be.

Also, in foreman 1.2, is there a way to edit the mac address? sometimes it
shows up, sometimes it doesn't. It seems if it can't find the host in
vmware it won't show the mac address but thats a catch 22, i need to edit
the mac address to possibly match the host in vmware again? (just guessing,
haven't really isolated why it happens…)