Remove Orphans task fails after migration and update

My latest understanding is that once merged (and once the build pipeline is then run) the RPM will be available in Index of /pulpcore/3.22 which is in use for the released version 4.8, and will also be used for the soon to be released 4.9.

However, it cannot be used for Katello 4.7 and older, since those use a older pulpcore version than 3.22.

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Update: It looks like the plugin release is available in the pulpcore 2.22 repo (used for Katello >= 4.8):

Note that the corresponding API bindings are not yet in the Katello 4.8 repo (this has been merged so it should be along with the next run of the Katello 4.8 build pipeline). In case this causes problems, you can already obtain the client gem from the nightly Katello repo (if you go this route make sure you only grab this one RPM from the nightly repo):

Once you have installed the two RPMs on your Katello 4.8 installation, you must re-run foreman-installer to ensure the Pulp DB migrations are applied. You can check on the status of the pulp_deb migrations in particular by running PULP_SETTINGS=/etc/pulp/ pulpcore-manager showmigrations deb.

Once your services are back up orphan cleanup will be working once more.

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Go for update

i use foreman-maintain

# foreman-maintain packages check-update 
Running Check for available package updates
Check for available package updates: 
Updating Subscription Management repositories.

This system is registered with an entitlement server, but is not receiving updates. You can use subscription-manager to assign subscriptions.

Last metadata expiration check: 0:26:10 ago on Thu 11 May 2023 11:16:22 AM CEST.

python39-pulp-container.noarch        2.14.5-1.el8               pulpcore       
python39-pulp-deb.noarch              2.20.2-1.el8               pulpcore       
rubygem-foreman_ansible.noarch        11.2.0-1.fm3_6.el8         foreman-plugins


thx for all @quba42

# PULP_SETTINGS=/etc/pulp/ pulpcore-manager showmigrations deb
 [X] 0001_initial
 [X] 0002_auto_20190905_1000
 [X] 0003_rename_package_field
 [X] 0004_auto_20191014_1722
 [X] 0005_rename_release_file
 [X] 0006_debrepository
 [X] 0007_create_metadata_models
 [X] 0008_debremote_gpgkey
 [X] 0009_apt_release_signing_service
 [X] 0010_debpublication_signing_service
 [X] 0011_rename_models_to_apt
 [X] 0012_auto_20200803_1337
 [X] 0013_aptremote_ignore_missing_package_indices
 [X] 0014_swap_distribution_model
 [X] 0015_add_custom_fields_to_packages
 [X] 0016_switch_to_newer_jsonfield_model
 [X] 0017_allow_longer_string_lists
 [X] 0018_textfield_conversion
 [X] 0019_immutable_metadata_constraints
 [X] 0020_remove_fk_relations_in_packageindex_and_installerfileindex

Not work for me
i think i missing some thing

# hammer task list --search orphan
ID                                   | ACTION          | STATE   | RESULT  | STARTED AT          | ENDED AT            | DURATION      | OWNER         | TASK ERRORS                                                                     
e62be1b6-f1f1-47de-a4a1-62ed85ec2709 | Remove orphans  | paused  | error   | 2023/05/07 20:00:32 |                     | 310845.56186  | foreman_admin | ("Cannot delete some instances of model 'Content' because they are referenced...
27ec12bf-8d76-4ca9-9164-614bf831b9c1 | Remove orphans  | paused  | error   | 2023/04/30 20:00:35 |                     | 915642.62886  | foreman_admin | ("Cannot delete some instances of model 'Content' because they are referenced...
90dac37e-6bfc-4dcd-8ba0-cfaa24cb40eb | Remove orphans  | paused  | error   | 2023/04/23 20:00:37 |                     | 1520440.37486 | foreman_admin | ("Cannot delete some instances of model 'Content' because they are referenced...
ed7f8867-4396-4bf4-83a2-7ae0fcb48319 | Remove orphans  | paused  | error   | 2023/04/16 20:00:33 |                     | 2125244.29686 | foreman_admin | ("Cannot delete some instances of model 'Content' because they are referenced...
1b9dca22-ff32-4447-9612-f65935ed8ac7 | Remove orphans  | paused  | error   | 2023/03/26 20:00:31 |                     | 3939646.17886 | foreman_admin | could not write to file "base/pgsql_tmp/pgsql_tmp3898413.0.sharedfileset/i1of...
34c997c7-56a3-4a52-91a6-f46808fc994f | Remove orphans  | paused  | error   | 2023/03/19 21:00:35 |                     | 4540842.36186 | foreman_admin | ("Cannot delete some instances of model 'Content' because they are referenced...
cea14877-9f11-46f0-bb06-90e321df42ec | Remove orphans  | paused  | error   | 2023/03/12 21:00:21 |                     | 5145656.64586 | foreman_admin | ("Cannot delete some instances of model 'Content' because they are referenced...
e8725d9f-97a8-4cd6-9ed2-b5d5ad6b7afc | Remove orphans  | stopped | warning | 2023/01/08 21:00:32 | 2023/01/13 16:42:45 | 416533.610356 | foreman_admin | Task canceled                                                                   

I rerun taskID 1b9dca22-ff32-4447-9612-f65935ed8ac7
No error for step 1 and 2
At this time, task running for the last step

It work

After rerun all task one by one

I just updated my test server, the task (manually launched) is now ending successfully! :sunglasses:

Note that it turns out that until Katello 4.8.1 is released, the repos used by Katello 4.8, are missing the new rubygem-pulp_deb_client-2.20.2-1.el8.noarch.rpm to go with the patched pulp_deb version python39-pulp-deb-2.20.2-1.el8.noarch.rpm (which is available for Katello 4.8).

Apparently this causes problems during regular pulp_deb usage. See this post for a workaround.

Sorry for the bumpy rollout.


Thanks for the advice, I just installed the missing update. :+1: