Removing Puppet certs for managed hosts not working in 3.6.1


A host gets tagged as managed in the Foreman console, then that host gets deleted. The Puppet certificate still remains and I can’t find an error in any log that gives me a clue as to why it doesn’t work.

This worked with 3.5.2 previously so something has changed after the upgrade.

Expected outcome:

Puppet certificates get cleaned for managed hosts when they are removed from Foreman.

Foreman 3.6.1

More info - comparing a working install for another project, when performing a delete on a managed host the foreman-proxy is not being called at all.

I’ve compared settings between hosts and could not find anything that stood out. Where would foreman log info about errors when connecting to the foreman-proxy process ? The proxy logs don’t seem to be logging anything beyond startup.

This works again after reinstalling the server so who knows what the real fix was.