Renaming a host, then provisioning a new one


we're currently in the process of migrating a bunch of hardware hosts to
Vms and need to run both old and new instances in parallel for a while.
The plans (we were not asked to accompany their making) are to keep the
host names.

We have therefore tried to build a process for the migration.

(1) we have a host a.example in foreman as a.example
(2) we rename the host in foreman to a-old.example
(3) we deploy a VM a.example via foreman compute resource
(4) we see that a-old's values are given to puppet by foreman's ENC and
that a's reports are collected by foreman as a-old's reports.
(5) only deleting a-old.example from foreman makes the reports show up
in the correct, new host.

I guess that foreman associates incoming reports to a host entry via the
cert name, and that renaming the host doesn't change the cert name that
foreman uses. And first match wins.

Is there a possibility to change the certificate name associated with a
host in foreman? I don't care whether I need to poke that into the
database, as long as the result is as expected, that the new a.example's
reports show up in foreman with the new a.example's record.

Any ideas?


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