Render user data template for task failed with the following error: undefined method `content_view' for nil:NilClass

If your template uses .content_view it will need to be changed to .single_content_view (this was an intentional change.) Same for .lifecycle_environment > .single_lifecycle_environment.

I changed line38 of
content_view = content_view_environment.content_view
content_view = content_view_environment&.content_view
I can now create a VM from an image and the cloud-init/user_data seems to be rendered correctly.

My wild ass guess as to what is happening is that since an image install does not need a life cycle or content view to boot and get started someone decided to not pass that information down to where templates get rendered.

I am using the stock templates my current install is just about as clean as I can get.

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oops… I changed info_provider.rb