Replicate content view versions form old to new foreman/katello server


I am not sure how to ask for this, so i will start with the basics.

I have an old forman/katello server that has resisted upgrading so hard it was simpler to build a new foreman/katello server.

I have a standalone ansible script that will migrate hosts one by one from the old to the new foreman/katello server.

What I would like to do is build a content view with the same…package levels as the old foreman/katello server so I can be sure moved hosts are at the same point.

After I move each host to the new foreman/katello server I want to be certain running “yum update” will not try to update packages, or require anything to be uninstalled/backported.

old foreman server:

  • foreman 1.16.1
  • katello

new foreman server:

  • foreman 2.5.1
  • katello 4.1.0

The OS versions in my content view are:

  • Centos 6
  • Centos 7
  • Redhat 6
  • Redhat 7

Thanks in advance for your time!


hmm: it may be the simplest solution is to just unregister the hosts with the old foreman/katello server, then register them with the new foreman/katello server then DON’T RUN YUM UPDATE. at least until the appropriate time…

the assumption being that sufficient time will have passed to ensure the next time the content view is advanced version number-wise that any yum update will add new…and not need to roll back anything.