Repomd.xml can't be found on the server?

I’m doing a fresh install of Katello and a fresh repo sync. In the published http link “Pulp Repository Content” There’s nothing but a bunch of subfolders under Packages and the repomd.xml says “not found” Even though I can vim the file in the server itself. This is causing problems for clients that attempt to register to my Katello server.
Expected outcome:
There should be packages from the synced repo along with my browser being able to see the repomd.xml file?
Foreman and Proxy versions:

We chatted about this on irc, and his apache logs showed:

[Tue Jan 29 11:41:14.389744 2019] [:error] [pid 10228] (20023)The given path was above the root path: [client 1SNIP] xsendfile: unable to find file: /SNIP/katello/pulp/published/yum/master/yum_distributor/111de4a6-d846-451a-9672-d2ea6f0533e8/1548720906.78/repodata/repomd.xml, referer:

It turns out his /var/lib/pulp was symlinked to /SNIP/katello/pulp and apache was not happy with it. He moved everything back and it worked fine. I’m unsure of what the issue with apache as, but recommended doing a bind mount.