Report Templates Question/Support

Trying to understand if it’s possible to get a report of the number of Puppet module/class executions in a 24 hour period for each host.

Running Foreman 2.0.3 with Katello 3.16. - I tried to installing PuppetDB and then the plugin but it doesn’t seem to work or is simply not supported? That is why I am asking about Report Templates and if it’s possible to generate a report based on the above.


@metalcated thank you for your question.

I will try and find out for you.

Excellent. Thank you. I (im)patiently await you’re response lol :smile:

Katello doesn’t support this report “out of the box”, to my knowledge.

I’m not familar with puppetdb - does it provide the execution data you are looking for per host?

I am still trying to find out that answer. I have yet to get it working with Foreman. That is a separate issue. I would prefer to collect the data from Foreman without the need to install PuppetDB if it’s possible.

I figured out PuppetDB enough to create a separate post on it. I would still like to find out it it’s possible to generate a report based on the requirements I am looking for. If anyone else has some feedback, I welcome it! :slight_smile:

I have successfully tested and checked the basic functionality of PuppetDB with Puppetboard and I am not seeing what we are looking to collect. (number of executions of each specific class for each node, not all classes combined into a single number). Anyone out there can think of a way to collect this information, that would be super helpful! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Wish there was better documentation on this. If ANYONE has any pointers or knowledge on this topic, that would be helpful. Thanks.