Report the user while using the callback plugin

We are using the callback plugin to send report to satellite/foreman. We would like to be able to see which user does run the Ansible task in the report in the UI. Is this possible?



the callback plugin can only report what Ansible knows, and the “triggering user” is not part of the data that is passed in from Foreman to the Ansible run (you could get the system user, but that would be foreman-proxy in every case, so not useful).

You should be able to see who started the job on the task level in Foreman, but I don’t think this is well linked to an Ansible report these days.

CC @Marek_Hulan

As Evgeni says, there’s no direct link today. However I think it’s much easier to find out the information from the job instead of the task. The new Host UI allows to see all host jobs easily. We could probably use tasks’ locking system to link the report that got created as part of the run.