Repository/Content View naming - need to be able to see version/date in client yum/dnf

Cannot easily tell from client yum/dnf whether they are subscribed to the right repositories/content view version. In fact, for Red Hat repos, the repo id and repo name visible in yum on clients are taken directly from the redhat values, and cannot be modified. So we cannot even tell from yum/dnf repolist whether we are subscribed to local satellite server or remote redhat cdn.

Expected outcome:
If I do a yum repolist, i should be able to have repositories setup so that repo id or repo name confirms the repo is in fact from our foreman/katello server, and also, that it is the correct version.
I can do:
subscription-manager repos --list
and that helps, as it shows the URL to local satellite server, including the environment.

For repos setup manually, eg CentOS we at least get org name in the repo id, so that at least confirms client is pulling down from katello, and not from external repos. But for red hat, repo id and repo name are identical to the online cdn. Which is very uninformative.

We need to be able to edit what will appear in the “repo name” field when you do yum commands on client, since that is where there is danger - ie if you update a client, and then find you just updated a production client to an untested dev or testing content view.

Ie we need to edit the “repo name” for a content view, so clients can see in yum or dnf that they are subsribed to, eg: rhel-7-2021-06-24

How are people coping with the fact that under satellite, when you do a yum/dnf update, you can’t really see where your packages are coming from or what content view version you’re pulling packages from? I find it highly disconcerting that there is no indication visible in yum/dnf…

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

And, just for comparison, on spacewalk, this is handled easily, because when you clone a repo, you can set the repo id AND repo name, that are visible in yum/dnf on clients.

So i can subscribe clients to a repo with repo id or repo name (or both) set to redhat-7-2021-06-24, for example, and then yum repolist or yum update will immediately confirm that updates are coming from the right repo.